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        Higrade biotechnology is mainly engaged in chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, health food, biological agents, cosmetics research and development, production and sales of the modern enterprise, the company's production base is located in Zhuhai City, the Bay Area sanzao Technology Industrial Park. Our main products are N, O- double trimethylsilyl acetamide (BSA), 2,3- cyclopentene and pyridine, 1-bromo-ethyl acetate (BEA) and other cephalosporin bulk drugs intermediates, imipenem South biapenem and other carbapenems side chain, the main ring, nucleus and other intermediate and crude, whitening cosmetic ingredients vitamin C- ethyl ether, while the company also produces doxylamine succinate, carbinoxamine maleate, triprolidine hydrochloride and so on.

        Since its inception, the company has always insisted on "the development and production of pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates frontier" for business development goals. Adhere to the "pursuit of excellence in product quality and reasonable cost, and strive to create maximum value for our customers in order to win" business purpose, with advanced research and production technology, high-quality products based on quality and efficient after-sales services for the protection provide win-win pattern for investment managers. The company follows the laws of the market, and constantly improve the production process and product management business, is committed to create a production and management system with its own characteristics.

        The company has standardized production base and high-quality professional production, management and marketing personnel, Higrade biotechnology will be decision-makers ahead of the sense of excellence, strong financial strength, high-quality professionals, quality and efficient service and all employees proactive professionalism, in a socially responsible manner, continue to outstanding national pharmaceutical industry enterprise.


        The phone of company£º0756-3381619
        The fax of company£º0756-3381625
        The side of company£ºwww.zh-hrd.com
        The email of company£º876157091@qq.com
        The zip code of company£º519040
        The address of company£º The NO.10 Wing Fai Road, Zhuhai Sanzao Technology Industrial Park,China

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