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  First,An organic synthesis researcher


1,A male, 20-40 years old, Bachelor degree or above, or synthetic organic chemical and pharmaceutical related field; good English, computer skills, be familiar with the relevant literature retrieval;


2, there is a certain spirit of innovation, like to experiment with a high degree of responsibility and strong communication, coordination and organizational skills, good professionalism and teamwork;


3, graduates can be, there are more than two years of pharmaceutical development and project management experience is preferred;



  Second, the production manager

  1,A male, 25-40 years old, secondary and higher education, are familiar with chemical production processes;


2, requires candidates can be stationed after serving sanzao;


3, there is the pharmaceutical industry production management experience is preferred;



 Third, the quality control manager


1, male or female, 20-35 years old, college and higher education, drug analysis or chemical related, drug analysis work experience more than 2 years;


2, familiar with the liquid vapor-related operations, with a strong practical and problem-solving skills;


3, relevant quality control management experience is preferred;


4. The level of English is good, healthy, disciplined and strong, can be hard;



  Fourth, quality control personnel

  1, male or female, aged 18-35, secondary and higher education, drug or chemical analysis related majors, graduates may be;


2, familiar with the liquid vapor related operations, familiar instrumental analysis is preferred;


3, require honest and trustworthy, responsible, serious, hard working;


4, can accommodate two shifts;




  Fifth, Laboratory Assistant


  1, male, secondary and higher education, chemistry related field;


2, disciplined and strong, can be hard;


3, is responsible for assisting small scale, such as the completion of laboratory experiments;


  Six, operatives

  1,A male, 43 years of age, secondary and higher education, with some basic knowledge of the chemical;


2, responsible, willing to work hard, obey the management;


3, good health and able to adapt to two shifts;



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