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New drugs effective against Ebola virus -Fapilawei

    Favipiravir is Japan Toyama Chemical has developed anti-influenza virus drugs. And in March this year approved the manufacture and sale in Japan under the trade name Avigan. Anti-virus tests, favipiravir for A, B and C-type influenza virus showed a higher inhibition (IC50 = 0.02-0.6 g / ml), which also includes God threonine deaminase inhibitor GS-4071 resistant virus strains (IC90 = 0.095 g / ml), while the horses - for 22 s canine Kidney cell line (MDCK), cytotoxin (Vero), human embryonic lung cell line (HEL) and normal aneuploid embryo lung cell line (L-132 cells) were not reported cytotoxic (CC50> 1000 g / ml). Favipiravir acts only on the stage of the virus replication, there is no inhibition in viral fusion and shelling stage. In vivo, that is, whether it is administered at the time of infection or infection in only 24 child, oral favipiravir can completely prevent death by strong influenza virus infection in rats. When administered orally at a dose of 50 or 100 mg / kg / day, its efficacy is superior to similar antiviral drugs - oseltamivir. Meanwhile favipiravir also can significantly slow down the symptoms of infection.
    Ebola outbreak in West Africa at present is grim, but there is no approved drug for the Ebola virus and the vaccine. Toyama Chemical Industrial Corp. said favipiravir can effectively prevent the proliferation of the virus within the cell, in the fight against Ebola virus is likely to have a certain effect.

  Favipiravir a flu drugs, but it has a lot of anti-flu drugs and different mechanisms of action. Tamiflu and other drugs by preventing the proliferation of the virus to prevent infection heavier drill foreign cells, but favipiravir by blocking intracellular gene duplication, thereby curbing the proliferation of the virus itself.
   Toyama Chemical Industry Company researchers said that due to the flu virus similar to Ebola virus, are RNA viruses, so favipiravir may hinder the Ebola virus in the cell proliferation, thereby curbing infection.

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